Ray Ardent’s Reception and Free Theme Song

It’s been almost two weeks since Ray Ardent: Science Ninja went live on Armor Games, and it’s been a pretty awesome couple of weeks.

First – John Tennant, the composer of the Ray Ardent theme song has posted both the original song and a dub remix for free download.

The player reception has been pretty split, which is what I expected. Some people love the gameplay and Ray himself, while others are “WTF?”.

The game has started to spread across a lot of portals and Ray spent a good chunk of the weekend on Kongregate‘s front page and is currently on the front page on Newgrounds.

The fan reception has been great, heck, the fact that there are Ray Ardent fans is great!

Some great tweets every day from people discovering Science Ninjutsu. For a while last week, there was a ‘Ray Ardent: Science Ninja’ player on Steam, but he’s since changed his name.

Another fan has created Ray Ardent on City of Heroes:

Ray Ardent in City of Heroes

If you play CoH, you might see Ray running (with super speed, of course) on the Virtue server, where he’ll be played in character – Science-tastic!

The crew at DIY Gamer also posted an article on Ray and what I’m doing with Ninja Robot Dinosaur.

Ray Ardent has also garnered a few reviews:
Switched – “hopelessly addicted to its fast-paced gameplay”
Jay Is Games – “a solid platformer with a nice coat of polish that sets it apart from the rest”
Indiegames.com – Browser Game Pick – “Sounds like a job for science!”

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  1. dude, i tried to download the song but it says “Oops, looks like we can’t find that page!” can you post the song elsewhere so i can download it?

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