Game Developers Radio Interview

A little over a year ago I did a podcast interview with Game Developers Radio. The podcast went on a hiatus, but they are back in full swing and have posted the interview.

The focus of the interview is Scrum and Agile development, both for teams and solo developers. I’m a bit of a Scrum nut (understatement…) and it was a great interview to do.

The only big change since the interview is that I’m no longer using Google Docs for my backlog/planning and have switch to the glorious Pivotal Tracker after hearing Andy Moore mention it a few times.

You can listen to me rant in the interview here.

Post Mortem – Ray Ardent: Science Ninja

Ray Ardent: Science Ninja is a high speed platformer made in Flash and released through the Flash portal scene. As a developer, it represents a lot of firsts: It’s the first game I have made as an artist and/or programmer and it’s also the first Flash game I have ever made.

Ray Ardent: Science Ninja Trailer

What Went Right:

1. Audio

The man responsible for the great music and sound fx is John Tennant. John and I worked together on Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, where he was the audio lead. John is a great friend and he was the first person I talked to about the game.

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Ray Ardent in the new ep of Bytejacker

I’ve been a longtime fan of Anthony Carboni and his indie video podcast Bytejacker.

Being completely honest, I didn’t think Ray was worthy of Free Indie Rapid Fire, a regular segment where they showcase three different free indie games and viewers can vote and share their comments.

Since Ray is up against John Cooney’s and Nitrome’s latest games, I am expecting a SOLID third place finish, but heck, I’m just happy to be in the episode.

CONTEST! Anyone who dresses up like Ray Ardent and leaves a video (in character) vote at Bytejacker for either John Cooney or Nitrome’s game will get a free NRD shirt of their choice (shipping included) if their video makes in into the next episode.