Teh Hotness – Muro – HTML5 wow!

DeviantArt, a hub for online artists of all skill levels has recently launched Mhttp://muro.deviantart.com/, an online art tool which is much more responsive than any other online art tool I’ve used. Beyond that, it’s the most impressive implementation of HTML 5 I’ve seen.

A quick search for Muro reveals that the community is already experimenting with this tool and getting some amazing results.

It’s also interesting in that they’ve monetized it by letting users purchase additional brushes, which is simple and absolutely brilliant.

As a Flash developer, HTML 5 comes up a lot.

My stance is simple. I use Flash because it lets me reach the largest possible number of people. When HTML5’s install base is close to or surpasses Flash, I’ll be making the switch. With Apple swearing off Flash, likely for life, on their handheld devices, which continue to sell like hotcakes, it’s very likely that 1 year from today I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my first HTML5 game. Who knows, I might switch before the end of the year.

Sadly, Muro doesn’t have an iPhone optimized setting, but if any of you iPad owners out there want to give it a go and let us know what you think in the comments, that’d be great!

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