Teh Hotness – Grant Morrison – Talking With Gods

With all of the games coming out in October, it might surprise people that the October release I’m looking forward to the most is a documentary called Talking With Gods.

Grant Morrison is a comic book writer. Morrison’s current run on Batman and Robin is some of the best super hero comics I’ve ever read (and my earliest memory is reading super hero comics on my Grandma’s floor 33 years ago).

Morrison’s work, particularly The Invisibles, has been a persistent source of inspiration for me over the past 15 years. The Invisibles is a magick spell disguised as an action, conspiracy, horror and counter-culture comic.

Yes, you read that correctly, a magick spell:

Morrison taught me to look deeper, reminded me to dream and opened my mind to the power and potential of media.

Talking with Gods is a deeper look into Morrison, his life and his work and to say I’m looking forward to watching it is an understatement.

2 thoughts on “Teh Hotness – Grant Morrison – Talking With Gods


    I had no idea that this was being made. I haven’t read a new comic in years… probably the last thing I -really- read was “The Filth”. or Scott Pilgrim, I guess. or KickAss, too.

    BUT ANYHOW. maybe I need to get back into comics.

    tangentially related: have you been reading on the ipad or anything? I’m curious how that is.

  2. Haven’t read on the iPad… yet. I’ll probably make the switch, when I get an iPad. The iPhone screen was definitely too small for my tastes, where the iPad is closer to digest/manga format in size, which works nicely.

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