Teh Hotness – Dan Grzeca’s Cat-At

While Disney and many heavy hitters shut down anyone trying to remix their creations, it’s awfully refreshing to see George Lucas and his army of lawyers turn a blind eye to the Star Wars mash-ups that appear on what seems to be a daily basis.

Dan Grzeca’s Cat-At is beautiful and awesome and reminded me of how much I really wanted the AT-AT toy when I was a kid and needed to be shared.

You can purchase it for $20 from his Etsy store.

One thought on “Teh Hotness – Dan Grzeca’s Cat-At

  1. If you’ve never seen the interview with Seth McFarlane and George Lucas on the Family Guy’s Blue Harvest DVD, I highly recommend tracking it down. Lucas’ take on the use of the Star Wars franchise is ridiculously refreshing 😉

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