The War of Art – The book every creative must read

I am not a religious person, but if I were to have a bible, it would undoubtedly be The War of Art ( by Steven Pressfield.

It is the one piece of published work that has changed my life and how I live it more than any other.

It’s the book I give to dozens of friends who have dreams that need chasing. It’s the book I read on New Years day and Summer Solstice every year. It’s the book that I turn to when watching UFC re-runs is more enticing than working on Petra’s Call.

When my alarm clock goes off at 5AM and I want to press ‘snooze’ one more time, it’s The War of Art that gets me out of bed and gets me in front of the computer.

While many factors conspired to make Ninja Robot Dinosaur and Petra’s Call a reality – I know, without a doubt, that it never could have been done without The War of Art.

If you ever find yourself fizzling out on a project, watching TV instead of writing your novel or constantly putting off your most important creative work for ‘just one more day’, The The War of Art is the kick in the ass that you need. I cannot recommend it enough.

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