It’s been a long time, for that I apologize.

The past 8 months have been great! Shellrazer has launched for Android on Google Play and has been given an amazing content update. I’m continuing to work with the gang at Slick Entertainment on some new ideas and we’re having a blast.

I’m also working on a solo project that I’m quite psyched on. It’s still early going, but it’s going down the right path. When it’s ready to be seen, this will be the first place to know.

I also had a couple of great opportunities this spring. I did a presentation at GDC on designing In-App-Purchase in Shellrazer, which was picked up by Pocket Gamer and was followed up with a quick interview on Giant Bomb (warning – I’m a bit rambly in the podcast). A few weeks later, I did a 5 minute talk at the Vancouver Full Indie Summit on the 50/50 Rule (a blog post for another day).

My presentation at the Full Indie Summit (Guitar Photoshopped)

My presentation at the Full Indie Summit (Guitar Photoshopped)

I’ve also been working on my art a lot. Tons of drawing from reference and imagination, as well as a month where I did a lot of pixel art studies (for a game that is currently hold) which all came together with a shot of the Fantastic Four/FF cast. You can check out some of the other work I’ve posted on my DeviantArt Gallery if you are so inclined.

Fantastic Four/FF Cast

That’s about it on my front. It’s been great, it’s been busy, I’ve been happy.

Life is good!

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