50% off all Ninja Robot Dinosaur Shirts until June 2nd

I’m putting on a huge sale of Ninja Robot Dinosaur t-shirts until June 2nd.

All t-shirts, all designs in all sizes are $9.99.

As I’ve never put the shirts on sale before, you might be wondering why I’m doing this now?

A t-shirt for the Horcrux Hipsters out there.

Back in university (a long, long time ago), a friend of mine, also named Shane, introduced me to The Invisibles. The book opened my eyes to the adventures of transvestite shamans, time travelling psychotic psychics and surreal conspiracies.

To say the book changed my life would be an understatement. At the end of the series, the writer of The Invisibles, Grant Morrison, wrote himself into the comic and dared the reader to do something worth doing. Within months, I had quit my job at Electronic Arts and moved to Victoria to produce BMX videos and run a bike company.

He tells strange stories with iconic characters. He’s helped Batman, Superman, X-Men and the Justice League over the years, each time he presented a wonderfully unusual adventure with mainstream characters and has rocketed the book to the top of the best seller list. Mainstream success with unusual and distinctive stories. Amazing.

On sale until June 2nd

Grant Morrison, simply put, is my hero.

Now it’s confession time.

In the past year, I have had to wipe man-tears from my eyes in a comic shop on three separate occasions.

The man behind these tears is Jonathan Hickman, the book was Fantastic Four. Never in my life have I been a Fantastic Four fan, but Hickman’s work is tremendously imaginative, yet intimately personal. It strikes a chord with me like no other comic has before.

Hickman is the most interesting writer in comics right now. And he’s not even from the UK.

A group of event organizers are putting on MorrisonCon. A small event (attendance is capped at 1000) where fans, freaks and weirdos go to Las Vegas to spend three days with Morrison, Hickman and a few other guests.

The purpose is to make something closer and more intimate than a fan packed floor of a comiccon. Instead of capturing everything under the sun, Morrison is bringing together a small group of like minded creators to make something unique.

Morrison, in his usual manner, is promising a life changing experience. It’s an experience I’d very much like to be a part of.

Which brings me to the t-shirt sale. With family obligations and the budget of an indie developer, there isn’t a lot of cash hanging around for me to fly to Vegas and have a life changing experience. But I do have a few boxes full of nerdy t-shirts.

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