Katniss and drawing more deliberately

My earliest memory is sitting on my grandmothers floor, drawing comics like the one on the NRDland.com header. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a deep and engrossing love affair with art.

Despite this lifelong love affair, for most of my life, I’ve been a terrible artist. I sincerely feel that my ‘art award’ in high school was an act of charity on behalf of the instructor and the passing grades in my art classes in university were due to my participation and attendance more than the actual results.

Now, at 37, I’m finally (FINALLY) moving towards my goals with art.

The funny thing is, all I did was draw more and draw more deliberately.

I’ve always drawn, but drawing with a deliberate intent is something that I started about a year ago. Finding a problem with my work and attacking it instead of finding work arounds.

I was struggling with crouching poses, so I drew 50 crouched skeletons in my sketchbook. They were loose drawings, some were studies from reference, others were freehand, but it was enough to get me to a level of confidence with the pose itself.

And as an artist, it’s nice to have that confidence going into a piece of work.

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